We have known one
another for 29 years.
… and it is quite revealing

Wanna buy a new car? Wanna have your existing car serviced? Looking for a company fleet partner? Come round to Čechák. We have known one another since 1994. We sell on both cash and instalment basis and we will buy your used car from you. Do you have a problem? All you need is our telephone number and we will solve it for you.

Sale and Purchase

You can buy anything from us, from the latest supercars to antique automobiles. Both new and used cars at reasonable prices.

Do you need cash? Or do you just want to sell your car at a good price? We buy used cars of all brands, shapes and sizes. We can also pay off your leasing or loan.


Authorized dealer and car service

ČECHÁK holding is a new authorized dealer and servicer of DONGFENG cars. Dongfeng Motor is the second largest automobile manufacturer in China with more than 50 years of tradition in the automobile segment and an annual production of more than 3.5 million automobiles.

Auto Repair Shop

There is no defect our mechanics cannot rectify. They take complex repairs as a challenge. We deliver the same thorough care to van fleets as we do to the most luxurious limousines. We measure emissions, settle claims and arrange MOT testing.

We are an independent repair shop specialising in: VW passenger cars, VW utility cars, Škoda, Seat, Audi, Ford and Lada

Car on Request

Have you not chosen a car from our wide supply? Do not worry, we will find an optimal solution for you. Our “Car on Request“ service will even satisfy the most demanding customers. Whether you are looking for Citröen 2CV the Duck from 1955 or a Superb in a specific colour, we will find the car and make all necessary arrangements for you.

They said about us

We have won thousands of satisfied customers over the last 29 years.
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