Tyre Service

You may lose your life when driving on summer tyres in winter, but you can lose your mind when waiting for tyre replacement. Come to us!


Quality and Speed

We use leading-edge BOSCH technologies in our tyre shop and, therefore, we can also satisfy the most demanding customers within the shortest possible time.

Mechanical Tyre Services

  • Comprehensive dismounting (balancing etc.) up to 22”
  • Repair to damaged tyres
  • Damaged wheel or tyre claim settlement
  • Repair to damaged wheel discs (aluminium, steel)
  • Inflation with Nitrogen
  • Environmentally-friendly disposal of tyres
  • Optional tyre storage service (PNEUHOTEL)
  • Expert assistance in choosing new tyres
  • Sale of tyres and wheel discs (aluminium)

Expert Assistance

We provide expert assistance in choosing tyres for your car.
Environmentally-friendly disposal of used and damaged tyres is an integral part of our services.
Come to us and see for yourself.

Price List for Works

Tyre replacement, incl. balancing and cleaning of wheel discs:

13”–14”550,– excl. VAT
15”–16”699,– excl. VAT
17”–19”799,– excl. VAT
20”899,– excl. VAT

Replacement of complete wheel-and-tyre sets, incl. balancing and wheel disc cleaning:

13”–14”449,– excl. VAT
15”–16”499,– excl. VAT
17”–19”549,– excl. VAT
20”599,– excl. VAT

Utility car tyres replacement:

Overall tyre replacement899,– excl. VAT

Off road car tyres replacement:

Overall tyre replacement999,– excl. VAT

Did you know that

… proper wheel alignment of a motor vehicle extends the useful life of tyres, improves the driving comfort and may contribute to overall road safety?